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Conditional joins: Part 2

Posted by anotherdavewebster on December 30, 2010

There’s nothing like the Christmas break to slow things down at work a little! This has given me a little time to finally write up Conditional Joins Part 2. Part 2 is actually “Part 1” from a chronological perspective but I’ve written them the other way round simply because Part 1 is a little more general whereas Part 2, as useful as it is, solves a very specific problem.

So the real world problem is as follows. Think of a large set of orders which are placed over many months but “settled” at one point in time. My driving table contains the settled orders but I now need to go back to the record of each order being placed to retrieve some data from that record. The placement table is partitioned by placement date (a_date) and has a local non unique index on the ID (an_id). Both the placement date and the ID exist on the settled (driving) table. The vast majority of the settled orders were placed in the last couple of days but the “tail” stretches back many months. I was asked to look at the problem which basically came down to a choice between a hash join and a nested loop join from the settled table to the placement table. Neither approach really suited the problem due to the long tail. I explained the dilemma to the client to which he replied “isn’t it a shame that Oracle can’t choose to hash join to the recent partitions and nested loop to the older ones”. Bingo. That’s exactly what we want and we can do it using a conditional join.
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