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Concatenating strings from multiple rows and an insight into XML in the DB

Posted by anotherdavewebster on August 30, 2010

This little trick came my way courtesy of a colleague of mine named Matt Cobley. Over the years, I’ve frequently needed to produce a comma delimited list of strings from multiple rows of a query. This is easy enough if you know how many rows you have but if not, I always end up writing a little piece of PL/SQL containing a cursor which builds a string which I then output to dbms_output. All rather long winded and more than a little limiting. That was until Matt sent an eMail (on a subject I no longer recall) containing the little gem XMLAGG which works something like this:

SELECT RTRIM( XMLAGG( XMLELEMENT( any_old_name, table_name || ',' ) ORDER BY last_analyzed DESC ).EXTRACT( '//text()' )
            , ','
  FROM dba_tables
 WHERE ROWNUM < 20 AND owner = 'SYS'

Now I don’t suppose for a minute that it’s cheap but it really is very easy and it provides us with a nice clean:

I made a mental note at the time to have a dig around the XML stuff in Oracle as I’m sure there are lots of other treats in there. I sorry to say that I’ve not yet got started.

UPDATE: A couple of you have kindly pointed out that 11r2 contains LISTAGG, an extension to the wonderful analytics functionality, which does the same job in a more elegant way.

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